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Click to watch this short video from Chris to learn about his background, what makes him tick, and why he is committed to creating $1M+ of wealth for others like you!

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Done For You!

Good news! You don't need to be a  crypto guru for this to work well for you. It's a powerful passive income stream. And, we'll help you understand, in non-tech terms, how this works.

Be Able to Play Big... For Less $

Enjoy the benefits of larger mining environments for a fraction of the costs. We've also kept the overhead low, so the focus is on everyone's success.

Genuine and Mutually Beneficial

In addition to setting up and running these environments, we also participate as investors. We believe this makes us best able to serve our customers with aligned interests.

Want More Info on Crypto and our investment rounds?

We got you! Here's a list of videos to help orient you quickly:

- Here's a link to our current open rounds.

- Here's a great video the NY Times did explaining how crypto works.

- Here's a video from Binance explaining how crypto mining works.

- The Satoshi whitepaper is an amazing read too.

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Bonus: Best Coins to Buy?

Okay, we promised to share our favorite coins.

Please know this is not investment advice and is purely educational. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

That said, here are the top coins one could consider for a starter crypto portfolio - to hold for at least 24 months: Bitcoin (BTC). Yes, right now, that's the only coin you should start with and hold (HODL).

Things have changed a lot in the past few months and will continue to change. BTC is the best place to start... and maybe stay.

We recommend a hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano to best secure your assets.


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